Unveiling the Nikon Z6 III: What to Expect from Nikon’s Latest Mirrorless Camera

Exciting news is buzzing in the photography world: Nikon is about to unveil the new Nikon Z6 III. This much-anticipated camera has reviewers eager to get their hands on it, with prototypes already out for testing and first-reaction videos likely in the works.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what makes the Nikon Z6 III such a hot topic. We’ll look at its place in Nikon’s robust lineup, speculate on its new features, and explore what photographers can look forward to.

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Nikon Z6 III

Nikon’s Growing Camera Lineup

Nikon has been on a roll with their recent camera releases. The Nikon Z9, hailed as one of the best flagship cameras, the Nikon Z8, a compact and more affordable version of the Z9, and the Nikon Zf, which has gained popularity for street and travel photography, have all received glowing reviews. The Nikon Z6 III is set to follow in these footsteps, promising to be a strong addition to this impressive lineup.

What to Expect from the Nikon Z6 III

While Nikon has been tight-lipped about the official specs of the Nikon Z6 III, here’s what we can speculate based on the success of its predecessor, the Nikon Z6 II:

Improved Autofocus and Frame Rates

The teaser videos hint at significant upgrades in autofocus performance and increased frame rates. These enhancements will be particularly appealing to both professional photographers and serious hobbyists who need fast and accurate focusing capabilities.

Enhanced Low-Light Capabilities

Building on the Nikon Z6 II’s strong performance in low-light conditions, the Nikon Z6 III is expected to push these capabilities even further. This makes it an excellent choice for photographers who often shoot in challenging lighting situations.

Advanced In-Body Image Stabilization

One of the most significant improvements anticipated in the Nikon Z6 III is its enhanced in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system. This feature promises greater flexibility for photographers, enabling them to shoot handheld in more situations without the need for a tripod. The IBIS system is expected to be a game-changer for capturing steady shots in various conditions.

Dual Card Slots

Rumors suggest that the Nikon Z6 III will feature dual card slots. This addition will enable photographers to record simultaneously to two memory cards, offering extra security and convenience, especially for professional shoots where data redundancy is crucial.

Nikon Z6 III Pricing

In terms of pricing, the Nikon Z6 III is expected to be competitively positioned, likely around £2,000 or $2,500 for the body only. This places the Nikon Z6 III as a strong contender in the mid-range mirrorless camera market, offering advanced features at a relatively accessible price point.

A Look Back: The Nikon Z6

To understand the significance of the Nikon Z6 III, it’s helpful to revisit the original Nikon Z6. Launched in August 2018 alongside the Nikon Z7, the Nikon Z6 was one of Nikon’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras. While it shares many similarities with the Nikon Z7, the Nikon Z6 differs primarily in its sensor and autofocus capabilities. The Nikon Z6 features a 24MP sensor compared to the Z7’s 46MP sensor, resulting in fewer phase-detect autofocus points (273 vs. 493). Despite these differences, both cameras share a rugged body, familiar controls, and access to the growing collection of Z-mount lenses.

Target Audience for the Nikon Z6

The Nikon Z6 was designed for a different audience than the Z7. While the Z7 caters to those seeking ultra-high resolution, such as users considering the Sony a7R III or Nikon D850, the Nikon Z6 is aimed at photographers looking to upgrade from crop-sensor cameras or previous-generation full-frame DSLRs. This makes the Nikon Z6 a versatile choice for enthusiasts and professionals who prioritize performance and image quality without needing the highest resolution.

Comparing the Nikon Z6 to the D750

The Nikon Z6 is often compared to its DSLR sibling, the Nikon D750. Although the designs are different, both cameras operate similarly. The main differences lie in autofocus modes and video capabilities. Here are some key specifications of the Nikon Z6:

  • 24.5MP full-frame BSI-CMOS sensor
  • Hybrid autofocus system with 273 phase-detect points
  • Up to 12 fps burst shooting (Raw + JPEG)
  • 3.69M-dot OLED viewfinder
  • 2.1M-dot tilting touch LCD
  • OLED top plate display
  • Single XQD card slot
  • UHD 4K capture up to 30p
  • 10-bit 4:2:2 N-Log output over HDMI
  • Up to 100Mbps H.264 8-bit internal video capture
  • SnapBridge Wi-Fi system with Bluetooth

Personal Experience with the Nikon Z6

Considering an upgrade, I debated between a used Nikon Z6 and the original Z7. The Z7 offered the same sensor as my preferred Nikon D850, but the Z6’s superior video performance swayed my decision. For professional still work, I rely on the Nikon Z9. The Z6, with its 24.5MP sensor, suits my video needs perfectly and offers enough resolution for personal stills destined for online and social media use.

While the original Nikon Z6 has some limitations, such as requiring an external monitor for 10-bit N-log recording, it still provides a cost-effective solution for my needs. Despite being an older, used model, the Z6 offers tremendous value, making it one of the best bangs for your buck in 2023.


As we await the official announcement of the Nikon Z6 III, the excitement and speculation continue to build. With expected enhancements like improved autofocus, higher frame rates, better low-light performance, enhanced IBIS, and dual card slots, the Nikon Z6 III is poised to be a compelling option for both professional photographers and serious hobbyists. Its anticipated competitive pricing further solidifies its place as a strong contender in the mirrorless camera market. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to explore the capabilities of the Nikon Z6 III once it’s officially released.

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