Realme C61 is Set to Launch in India on June 28 Starting Rs7,699

Exciting news for smartphone lovers. Realme is launching its new budget smartphone, the Realme C61, in India. This phone will be available on June 28 at noon IST and promises to offer great features at an affordable price. Let’s look at what makes the Realme C61 a fantastic choice for budget-conscious buyers.

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Realme C61

Design and Display

The Realme C61 has an HD+ LCD with a notch, giving you a clear and bright screen while keeping the cost low. The screen is protected by reinforced glass, which helps prevent scratches and cracks. The phone also has a sturdy metallic frame, making it “tough as steel,” according to Realme.

The design includes IP54 certification, meaning the phone is protected against dust and water splashes. This makes it a reliable option for everyday use, even in challenging conditions. The reinforced glass and metallic frame ensure that the phone can withstand everyday wear and tear, providing durability often lacking in budget smartphones.

Realme has put significant effort into making the C61 durable and stylish. The phone’s sleek design and elegant textures, created through nano-level lithography, give it a premium feel. The Realme C61 is available in two attractive colors: Marble Black and Safari Green. These color options provide users with the choice to pick a phone that best suits their style.


For those who love taking pictures, the Realme C61 comes with a 32MP main camera and a depth sensor. This setup allows you to capture clear and detailed photos, whether you’re taking landscapes or portraits. The camera software is optimized to perform well in different lighting conditions, so you can expect good-quality photos even in low light.

Realme C61 Camera

The depth sensor adds an extra dimension to your photos by enabling beautiful bokeh effects, where the background is artistically blurred, making the subject stand out more vividly. This is especially useful for portrait shots, giving a professional touch to your everyday photography.

The camera also comes with various modes and features that enhance the photography experience. From AI scene recognition to different filters and shooting modes, the Realme C61 offers a comprehensive set of tools for budding photographers. Whether you are capturing a beautiful sunset or a fun moment with friends, the Realme C61’s camera is equipped to deliver impressive results.

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The Realme C61 is powered by the Unisoc T612 processor, the same chip used in the previous model, the C51. This processor, along with the Mali G57 GPU, ensures smooth performance for daily tasks and moderate gaming. The phone comes in variants with 4GB or 6GB of RAM, plus an additional option for up to 4GB of virtual RAM, making it easy to switch between apps and multitask. This configuration means that the Realme C61 can handle a variety of tasks with ease, from browsing the internet and using social media to playing games and watching videos. The extra virtual RAM is particularly useful for users who like to keep many apps open at once, as it helps the phone run smoothly without slowing down.

Realme C61 launch in India


One of the best features of the Realme C61 is its 5000mAh battery. Realme says this battery can last up to 1.8 days on a single charge, which is great for people who need their phone to last all day. The battery is also designed to retain over 80% of its capacity even after 1000 charging cycles, making it a long-lasting option.

This large battery capacity means that you can use your phone throughout the day without worrying about running out of power. Whether you are streaming videos, playing games, or working on important tasks, the Realme C61’s battery has you covered. The phone also supports efficient charging, ensuring that you can quickly recharge and get back to using your device without long wait times.

Launch Date, Pricing, and Availability

The Realme C61 will be available for purchase starting June 28 at 12 PM. You can buy it from the Realme India website, Flipkart, and offline stores. Here are the pricing details:

  • Base Model: Rs 7,699 for 4GB RAM and 64GB storage.
  • Mid Variant: Rs 8,499 for 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.
  • Top Variant: Rs 8,999 for 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

There is a special discount of Rs 900 for ICICI, SBI, and HDFC Bank customers on the 6GB+128GB variant, making it an even better deal. This discount makes the already affordable Realme C61 an even more attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.


The Realme C61 is set to make a big impact in the budget smartphone market with its sturdy design, long battery life, and smooth performance. With features like a 32MP camera, Unisoc T612 processor, and 5000mAh battery, it offers great value for money. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who needs a reliable phone for everyday use, the Realme C61 is a great choice.

Don’t miss the first sale on June 28 to grab this new phone. The combination of high-quality features, durable design, and affordable pricing makes the Realme C61 a compelling option for anyone in the market for a new smartphone.


  1. When will the Realme C61 be available in India? The Realme C61 will be available for purchase starting June 28 at noon IST.
  2. What are the color options for the Realme C61? The Realme C61 comes in two colors: Marble Black and Safari Green.
  3. What is the starting price of the Realme C61? The base model of the Realme C61 with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage is priced at Rs 7,699.
  4. How long does the Realme C61 battery last? The 5000mAh battery of the Realme C61 can last up to 1.8 days on a single charge.
  5. Does the Realme C61 have a fingerprint scanner? Yes, the Realme C61 features a side-mounted fingerprint scanner for added security.

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