NEET-UG Re-Exam: 813 Students with Grace Marks Return for a Second Chance

NEET-UG Re-Exam: The NEET UG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Undergraduate) is a critical exam for medical aspirants in India, determining admissions into various medical courses such as MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH. Recently, the National Testing Agency (NTA) organized a re-exam for candidates who were previously awarded grace marks due to discrepancies in the original exam. This re-exam, held on June 23, provided an opportunity for affected candidates to reattempt the test under fair conditions.

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750 Candidates Opt Out of the Re-Exam

The NTA revealed that out of the 1,563 candidates who received grace marks, 813 candidates opted to retake the exam. Conversely, 750 candidates chose not to participate in the re-exam. This highlights the varied responses from students regarding the opportunity for a second attempt.

State-Wise Participation Details

The participation in the re-exam showed significant variation across different states. Here is a detailed breakdown:

  • Chhattisgarh: Out of 602 eligible candidates, 291 appeared for the re-exam.
  • Haryana: 287 out of 494 eligible candidates took the exam.
  • Meghalaya: 234 out of 464 candidates participated.
  • Chandigarh: Both eligible candidates from this region were absent.
  • Gujarat: Only one student attended the exam at the designated center.

This data underscores the differing levels of engagement with the re-exam process across various regions.

Candidates Barred from the Exam

In response to ongoing controversies regarding alleged irregularities in the NEET UG exam, the NTA took stringent measures to maintain the integrity of the examination. On June 23, 17 candidates were barred from taking the re-exam. These candidates had initially appeared for the exam on May 5 in Bihar. Before this, the NTA had disqualified 63 candidates for using unfair means during the exam. Furthermore, 30 additional candidates from Godhra, Gujarat, were also prohibited from taking the exam on Saturday.

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Controversies and Full Marks Achievers

The NEET-UG exam is pivotal for students aspiring to enter medical fields, including MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH courses in both government and private institutions. This year, an unprecedented 67 students achieved the full 720 marks, leading to allegations of mark inflation and other irregularities. This sparked widespread debate and controversy, calling into question the fairness and accuracy of the exam results.

Original Exam and Result Declaration

The original NEET-UG exam was conducted on May 5 across 4,750 centers, with approximately 24 lakh candidates participating. Initially, the results were expected to be announced on June 14. However, the evaluation of answer sheets was completed ahead of schedule, leading to the results being declared on June 4. This expedited process provided quicker resolution for the anxious candidates.

Cheating Allegations and Candidate Disqualification

The NTA has been vigilant in addressing allegations of malpractice. Nationwide, 63 candidates were disqualified for cheating during the exam. Specifically, 17 candidates from Bihar and 30 from Godhra were excluded from the exam for engaging in dishonest practices. This strict action underscores the agency’s commitment to ensuring a fair examination process.

Re-Exam Conducted at Seven Centers

Following a directive from the Supreme Court, the NTA organized a re-exam at seven centers. This measure was taken to compensate for the time lost at six centers where the original exam started late on May 5. As a result, grace marks were initially awarded to affected candidates. A senior NTA official confirmed that 52% of the 1,563 candidates (813 candidates) participated in the re-exam on June 23.


The NEET-UG re-exam has been a significant event, highlighting the efforts of the NTA and the Supreme Court to ensure a fair and just examination process. While many candidates seized the opportunity to retake the exam, others chose not to, underscoring the varied responses to the re-exam initiative. Moving forward, candidates should stay informed about further updates from the NTA and continue their preparations for future medical entrance exams.


Q1: Why was a NEET UG re-exam conducted?
A: The re-exam was held to provide a fair opportunity for candidates who faced time loss due to delays at certain exam centers.

Q2: How many candidates participated in the re-exam?
A: Out of 1,563 eligible candidates, 813 chose to retake the exam.

Q3: What prompted the Supreme Court to order a re-exam?
A: The Supreme Court ordered the re-exam to ensure fairness after grace marks were initially given to candidates affected by exam delays.

Q4: Were any candidates disqualified from the re-exam?
A: Yes, 17 candidates were barred from the re-exam due to allegations of malpractice during the initial exam.

Q5: How did the NTA ensure the integrity of the re-exam?
A: The NTA barred candidates suspected of cheating and conducted the re-exam at designated centers to maintain fairness.

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