Top 10 High Salary ITI Courses List For ITI Students

If you have completed your 10th standard and thinking that there are only 2 options that is science and commerce that you can select, then you are running late students! Because, now millions of doors are now open for you and you can choose the one that excites you.

Though there are many colleges, institutes, universities and school whose fees you may not afford but every problem has a solution and we have a solution for this too. You can opt for diploma from a college that charge affordable fees.In this tutorial, I am going to be your helping hand and I will show you the proper direction because in this tutorial I am going to list down the ITI Course List that you can do after 10th. You can explore the list and at the end it is in your hand to decide that what path you want to select.

There may be many of you who are not aware about what ITI is, so first let us checkout a short introduction about ITI course.

What is ITI Course?

ITI stands for Industrial training institutes, that are spread all over India. From these ITI courses, you can only choose industry courses that means you can get a job in various fields like cooking, bakery, driving heavy vehicles and more.

If you don’t have a big dream and only want to earn that much through which you can take care of your family then these courses are specially designed for you. I will also mention the ITI salary in India so you will get a more clear picture about which course you should select.

So, moving further, join me in the ride and let us see which are the ITI course best decisions you can take.

Top 10 Best ITI courses in India?

  1. Bakery Course:-

Do you love baking? Do you have a dream to open your own bakery business or want to become a chef in a big hotel? Then bakery course is the best option for you. The course duration of this ITI course in India is of only 1 year that is 2 semesters and once you are done with your course, you can easily get a job of approximately 8000/-  to 9000/- INR. You can even start your own business if you don’t want to do job.

  1. Interior Designing:-

There are well known celebrities too who have done interior designing courses and it is not at all mandatory to do interior designing course after 12th only. You can also do this ITI course after 10th from a well-known institute and once you complete your 1-year course, you can easily get a job of around 15,000/- to 18,000/- INR.

If you get a job in interior designing after completing your ITI course, then it is highly recommended that grab that opportunity. Gaining experience is more important then earning good money. If you will be having good experience then you will automatically get good package.


  1. Digital Photography course:-

Digital Photography is the other best ITI course in India that you can do after your 10th standard is completed. These are the short-term courses of 1 year, and once you complete these courses you can choose a freelance photography as your passion and you can get around 10,000/- INR as your ITI salary.

There are many students who are born to become a photographer and to achieve their dream they just need to learn the basic concept of photography and the rest of the path to achieve the goal will become easy for them automatically.


  1. Computer Operator:-

If you are interested in computer field but don’t want to do engineering in this field and looking for ITI computer course after 10ththen becoming a computer operator is the best course that you can do. After completing this 1-year course, you can get a job of 6,000/- to 7,000/- INR and you can set your life.

While working as a computer operator you will be able to learn more and more about computer and later you can apply for a better job if you want to. You can do distant learning computer courses like BCA or B.Tech after gaining enough experience.


  1. Electrician:-

If you hate studying and suffering from lack of skills, and just want to settle your family then electrician is available as the best career option for you. Though you will get low salary, but if you perform well and gain knowledge through experience then there are possibilities of getting high paid jobs of 15,000 to 20,000/- INR.

  1. Mechanic:-

You can become a mechanic in the field of your choice like computers, machine tools, electronic items. The course of becoming masters in mechanic in any of these field is of 2 years duration and once done you can get a job that can give you 10,000/- to 15,000/- INR as the salary.

  1. Network Technician:-

If you are having even the basic knowledge of computer networks then you can do the network technician course. Once you complete this course, you can get a job of network technician in small organization and later you can apply in large enterprises too. The ITI salary in India for the designation of network technician is around 8,000 to 10,000/- INR.

  1. Teaching:-

If you are a woman, then teaching is the best field for you. You can pursue the 1 or 2 years course in the teaching field from any good ITI institute and after completing the course you can get a teaching job in any school with good amount of annual package like 15,000/- to 20,000/- INR per month. Women always find it difficult to do full day job so teaching line is considered as the best one for them.

In this course, you will learn basic concept about teaching like how to create lesson plans, how to treat kids, what should you do if any student is misbehaving, how to train them and more.

  1. Beautician:-

Another best ITI course for girls after 10this becoming a beautician. You can easily become a hair stylist or a makeup artist in any beauty parlour once you complete this course and get a salary of 9000/- INR approximately per month. Even once you are well settled you can thinking about doing fashion designing course in your near future. But you need to start from somewhere and becoming a beautician may become the turning point of your life.

You can then apply for more courses related to this field once you have gained enough experience of working as a beautician.

  1. Sewing:-

Who says there are no place for women in the market? If you are a girl who has just completed 10th standard and looking for sewing ITI course, then it is time to stop wasting your time and starting your course from one of the best institute that provide ITI courses. The course is of 1- year duration and after the completion of the course, you can get a job in which you can get minimum 10,000/- INR per month.

Mentioned above are the top 10 best ITI courses after 10th. Explore more courses if you want to find more options apart from the once mentioned in the list. Before taking any decision, take the opinion of your parents, teachers, friends. Proper guidance in today’s date is very very important because today education has become a source of business and being a parent, it is your duty to keep your child away from this kind of schools and universities.

After 10th, you get a long vacation that means more time to enjoy with your friends but maintaining a balance is also necessary because this is the only time when you have to shape your career by deciding what you want to do in future. I know this is not at all easy but if you want to well-settled life then you need to do this otherwise taking any decision in hurry lead to bad results later.

If you are a parent and reading this article then it is a request to you that sit for a while with your kids, ask them what they want to do in life, suggest them some good courses of that field in which they are actually interested. Don’t force them to do what you want them to become. Keep them free, let them explore and decide what they want from their life.

If you think that they are choosing the wrong path, then stop them otherwise be a pillar in their life and support them whenever they need you. We say that “failure is the key to success”, so whenever you face failure don’t get upset. Stand again and fight!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out the list of best institutes for ITI courses in India and fill up the admission form and kick start your journey!We wish you all the best for all your upcoming adventures!


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