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So, are you one of those students who are planning to do a certified course from Ignou? And surfing the internet to find which are the best certificate courses by Ignou that you can do? Then you have landed at the right place.

Here, we are going to tell you about which are the top certificate courses you can do from Ignou and if you are passionate about your career then scroll down the bar and read the full article.

Before we list down the courses offered by Ignou after graduation, we will first see what Ignou is just in case if you are not aware.

Certificate Courses By IGNOU

About IGNOU?

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University, that allows students to do open courses at a low fee.

It is basically a central university located in New Delhi. This university is named after Indira Gandhi who was the prime minister of India and this university was established in the year 1985 having a budget of 20 million.

The vision of IGNOU was to the server the population of India through the distance learning courses medium and providing high-level education to the students who are known as the future of India. Apart from providing the education it also includes some extra curriculum activities that train students and show them various other opportunities in which they can try their luck.

Top 7 IGNOU Certified Course After 10th Details:

In order to get admission in IGNOU certified courses, there are some basic eligibility criteria that a student needs to fall in. Let’s check out which are the eligibility criteria for getting admission in IGNOU Certification courses:

  • A student must have cleared at least 10th or equivalent if they want to do an advanced certificate course in information security (ACISE). The fee for this particular course is Rs. 5,400/-
  • A student should be 10th pass if he or she wants to do a certificate in Visual arts painting (CVAP) course. The fees for this course are Rs. 16,200/-
  • A student should be 10th pass if they want to do a certificate in performing arts – Hinduism music (CPAHM). The fees for this course are Rs: 16,200/-
  • Any student who is interested in learning the Urdu language can opt for the Certificate in Urdu Language (CUL). There are no eligibility criteria for this certified course. However, the fees are Rs. 1,200/-.
  • If a student wants to do a certificate in home-based health care (CHBHC) which is of 2-6 months, they should be 10th pass, and for this course, they need to pay Rs. 2,400/-
  • The students can go with the certificate in Sericulture (CIS) course by paying an amount of Rs.4,200/- and if they are 10th The course duration is minimum of 6 months and maximum of 2 years.
  • Students who are 10th pass and have done BPP from IGNOU can proceed with the certificate in water and harvesting management course.


Top IGNOU Certified Courses After 12th Details:

Students who have cleared 12th standard or equivalent to it and go with the certified courses listed below:

  • Certificate in the Arabic Language – Rs. 18,00/- fee
  • Certificate in the French Language – Rs 6,600/-
  • Certificate in the Russian language – Rs.2,500/-
  • Certificate in Disaster Management – Rs.2,400/-
  • Certificate in Environmental studies – Rs.4,200/-
  • A certificate program in NGO management – Rs 1,800/-
  • Certificate in Business skills – Rs.3,000/-
  • Certificate in the Urdu language – Rs.1,200/-
  • Certificate in healthcare and waste management – Rs.3,000/-
  • Certificate in nutrition and childcare – Rs.1,800/-
  • Certificate in Human Rights – Rs.2,400/-
  • Certificate in consumer protection – Rs. 1,800/-
  • Certificate in Information Technology – Rs,4,800/-

Wrapping up!

So, students how you want to lead your life is completely in your hands. Push yourself to the limit and see how you can convert your dreams into reality. Mentioned above are all the details regarding certificate courses provided by IGNOU.

We hope you will choose the best one according to your interest.

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