Which Is The Best Diploma Courses after 10th in India

Which is the best courses after 10th class? Big question, right? Looking for list of diploma courses after 10th? The education system in India is getting vast day by day and millions of new subjects are introduced almost every day.

This tutorial is specially for those students who have just appeared in 10th standard examination and are planning to take diploma after their 10th standard.

Diploma is a course of 3 year duration that you can do after your 10th standard in completed, and after completing the 3 years of diploma, you get admission in direct second year of the degree.

Below is the list of top 15 best diploma courses information after 10th, you can even find diploma courses near me if you want to do tuition for your diploma.

The fees structure for diploma course vary university to university and this is the reason why we are not mentioning the fees of any subject because it is different in every college. When you search for college to fill up the application form for diploma course, you may find the fees structure on the universities’ official website.

Moving further, let us see

which is the best diploma courses after 10th in India:-

  1. Diploma in Mechatronics :-

If you are interested in both computer field and mechanical field and finding a  Diploma course in which you can study about both fields then we are pleased to inform you that you can do diploma in mechatronics. As the name implies, mechatronics is a subject that includes concept of three subjects that mechanical, computer and electronics engineering. So, if your dream is to study about all these three subjects then you can take admission in an institute which provide admission in this course.

  1. Diploma in Marine Engineering :-

Want to become a marine engineer? But don’t want to do 11th and 12th standard from science stream? Don’t worry, we have brought an alternative for you. If you have cleared your 10th standard with good score that is around 60% in each subject, then you can easily apply for the admission in  Diploma diploma in marine engineering field. If you will complete the 3 years diploma in marine, you can easily get a good job and after settling down in this filed you can decide whether you want to continue with your job or want to do B. Tech in marine engineering.

  1. Diploma in Interior Decoration :-

Become a part of any high-level interior designing company by completing the 1-year diploma course in interior decoration. If you think that you have a creative mind and you can make your clients happy by doing the best interior designing for them and decorating their rooms or houses or any living place by your skills and looking for just a degree then diploma in interior decoration course is highly recommended to you. There are many institutes in India who provide interior decoration course at affordable fees so you can easily apply for it. This is one of the best diploma course after 10ththat you can do.

  1. Diploma in Fashion Technology :-

Is your dream being to pursue your career in fashion designing? Finding best diploma courses after 10th list? Then we welcome you on board. You can select an institute that can give you admission in the diploma in fashion technology course. In this course apart from designing fashionable clothes, you will also get to learn more about personality, makeup, dressing styles and much more things. The duration of this course is 3 years and the syllabus include some concepts like design theory, colour theory, basic design, history of art and civilization, computer-aided designs and more.

  1. Diploma in Civil Engineering :-

Civil engineering is a very common field which most students select. If you are planning to do degree in civil engineering but don’t want to study any of the two streams after 10th, then you can opt for diploma in civil engineering. In this Diploma course, you will get to learn about maintenance, construction, buildings and many more subjects. You can easily get admission in any good institute if you have cleared your 10th standard with good score.

  1. Diploma in Computer Science :-

Becoming a part of IT field is now easy if you are updated to technology world and having a basic knowledge about how to handle these electronic machines. If you are running little bit slow and want to kick start your career in computer fields, then diploma in computer science is the best diploma course after 10th you can choose as your career. Once you are done with your 10th, take out some time for yourself and search for the institute where you can get the admission.

  1. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering :-

For making a bright career in aeronautical engineering, it is highly mandatory to make your physics concept strong otherwise you will face trouble while doing degree or job. Aeronautics is all about physics and mathematics, so if you think that you are eligible enough to crack these two subjects during your academic program of 3 years, only then apply for diploma in aeronautical engineering course. The course will also teach you about how to maintain big machines and if you are serious about your aim to become a pilot then you have to study hard in this course.

  1. Diploma in Biotechnology :-

If you want to do diploma in biotechnology then you are free to choose any institute of your choice and apply for admission in that institute if you have scored good marks in your 10th standard. Biotechnology is a subject which combines biology as well as technology terms. Once you complete your biotechnology course of 3 years, you can get jobs easily and you can get salary up to 20,000 to 25,000/-.

  1. Diploma in Chemical Engineering :-

If you are fond of chemistry and love to make chemical equations and becoming a chemical engineer is your dream then its high time to take admission in those institutes that provides education in diploma in chemical engineering courses. The duration of the course is 3 years and you will get to learn many things about chemical engineering like how chemicals are made how they work and more.

  1. Diploma in Electronics and Communications :-

Another best diploma course that you can select after 10th is diploma in electronics and communications. If you have scored above 70% in your 10th standard then it is very easy to get admission in the field of diploma in electronics and communication.

  1. Diploma in Handloom Technology :-

This 3 years course is specially designed for women who don’t want to study a lot but interested in handloom technology. If you are also a girl who has just cleared 10th standard and looking for best diploma coursesafter 10th standard then this field is highly recommended to you. You can find a complete list of colleges on the internet that are providing courses in handloom technology. You can even get salary up to 10,000/- if you get job in a good handloom company.


  1. Diploma in Instrumentation Technology :-

Instrument technology is a combination of various subjects and students who want to do something creative and out of the box in their life can opt for this course. The eligibility criteria for taking admission in instrumentation technology is minimum 50%. If you belong to SC/ ST cast then you must score at least 45% to get admission in this course.


  1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering :-

Mechanical engineering is a very famous branch that needs no introduction. Mostly all boys prefer to take admission in mechanical engineering because they are interested in cars and all. If not mechanical then you can go for automobile engineering. If you will perform well in your diploma duration then there are possibilities of getting a good package of job such as 1-2 lakhs per annum.


  1. Diploma in Library Science :-

If you want to develop your knowledge in the field of library, then you need to take admission in diploma in library science course. By taking admission in this course you will be able to learn different tips and techniques that are used in library.

15.Diploma in Modern Office Practice :-

In order to learn various methods used in offices, you can take admission in diploma in modern office practice once you complete your 10th standard.

List of  Top 10 colleges from all over India that provide diploma courses:

  • Academy of Clinical Intelligence – Chandigarh.
  • Center for public policy research – Ernakulam.
  • Government polytechnic college Jodhpur – Jodhpur.
  • IIHT Khargar – Thane.
  • Indian school of public relations – South Delhi.
  • Jindal school of hotel management – Vadodara.
  • LTA school of beauty – Mumbai.
  • Mindscreen Film Institute – Chennai.
  • NIBS – Delhi.
  • Rv Industrial training – Chandigarh.

Final Words!

Mentioned above are the diploma course list that you can checkout if you want to do diploma courses after 10th. Just keep remember that don’t take any decision in hurry, otherwise later you will regret. Talk with your parents, friends, teachers and other people, tell them that you are interested in this particular subject and want to do the diploma course after 10th. We wish all the students out here a good luck and we will pray for your bright future.


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